What is Harpy?

Harpy provides an extensive set of tools for managing license certificates, script certificates, configuration files, key pairs, and key rings.

All certificates, configuration files, and key rings are cryptographically signed using RSA.

Certificates and configuration files can also be encrypted using AES-256.

Provisioning of certificates can be performed interactively or programmatically.

Certificates can be provisioned with a limited or unlimited duration and with or without automatic renewal.

Revocation checking for certificates and key pairs can be performed both online and offline.

Who uses Harpy?

It is actively used by many customers of the SQLite Encryption Extension for System.Data.SQLite.

What can Harpy do for me?

For most .NET developers, the primary interest is likely to be its copy protection features (i.e. via software license certificates).

It is robust, simple to use, and easy to integrate into existing projects.

It is shipped as a family of NuGet packages.

Harpy licensees also receive an SDK, for both managed code and native code, and a complete set of examples.

Can you help me with Harpy?

Yes, we are available to consult on any project that needs to make use of Harpy.

Please contact Joe Mistachkin via phone or email to discuss your project.